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    Default want to learn joomla

    I want to learn joomla. I know php, css and primary knowledge about wordpress but I want to learn joomla details(coding also). Can anyone tell me some resources how to learn joomla. Please tell me in details. I want free books or references.

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    Hello Rubai,

    You should start with the Developers reader profile in the official Joomla documentation available at:

    Best Regards,
    Nikolay A.
    SiteGround Senior Support Team

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    Many, many resources available for this but 'Nettuts' is a great site because it explains relevant things step by step. Always look for up to date guides and information as the older stuff may not be relevant

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    dewanshahedur Guest


    Actually joomla is just like Wordpress, magento, drupal platform. If you are known about Wordpress and coding about PHP, CSS and HTML than you can create good site easily by using Joomla.
    1st of all you need to set up joomla in hosting panel or you can use joomla by localhost and than you can host it in your hosting panel. It's same as Wordpress and than you can easily change coding of its. Joomla is really better for any business site.
    You can visit Joomla Forum for better solution about Joomla.

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    vietnamdh Guest


    A lot of documents for Joomla learning. You get it from Google.
    Good luck.

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    Google, youtube tutorials or you can go to http://docs.joomla.org/. Goodluck with the training, you need a lot of it

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    Since you already know PHP I don't know what is your problem?

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    even if you don't know PHP, you can learn easily Joomla

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