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    Recently I worked for a site in opencart platform. A few days ago, I was working in opencart and adding meta descriptions and keywords for the site's page. But, after a day I saw, one of the categories was deleted from the opencart database. I don't know how it was happened? I am understanding what to do?

    Help needed. Thanks i advance.

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    I don't see any relation between what you were doing and the deletion of the category. Adding meta couldn't lead to data loss. It's more likely that you've accidentally deleted it somehow. In your case I'd suggest you open a support ticket and see if there are restoration points prior the deletion of the category that can be used for restoration.

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    Hi, I also think, it was an accident. But, I already told that to my client and he updated the database. Thanks.

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    I just started working on a site using opencart and I am in the process of entering meta keywords. I will let you know if I run into the same problem.

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