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    Question Average FTP Upload Rate

    I was wondering if I could get some feedback about average FTP upload rate. I use FlashFXP and do not have any throttle controls set.

    I am getting around 45-50KBps.

    This seems a bit slow to me, but perhaps I am imagining things. It's taking forever to back some photos up, and I have PLENTY of space and bandwidth usage.

    What's yours????

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    The ftp upload speed depends on the server speed and your Internet connection. The server speed is 100Mb/s. We have seen customers that go to 2MB/s for ftp uploading in particular.
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    Yesterday, I got around 50 KBytes/s average when uploading a 40MByte file.

    That could be my ISP though as I never get anywhere near the advertized bandwidth.

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