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    Firstly thanks for making this extension available.

    It works absolutely lovely on all of my Siteground websites, however on other websites I get the following error:

    "Illegal key characters in global data"

    Disabling "Filter $_COOKIE" in the plugin parameters (data streams) seems to make the front-end of the website work OK, however the admin back end still won't work.

    Register Globals is definately off in php.ini.

    Please can anyone shed any light on this?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Default Further Info

    Done a bit of playing with this plugin and discovered that if I disable the "Filter $_COOKIE" option (as mentioned earlier) then the front end works, but the back end admin doesn't.

    However, disabling the "Filer $_POST" and "Filter $_GET" optoins makes the back end admin work OK. How much that negates the purpose of the plugin I don't know.

    Also notice that it doesn't create a log file (one of the first things I noticed but forgot to mention it yesterday) despite being enabled.

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    Hello and thank you for the update.

    I am afraid that there is nothing much we can add without detailed information about the other system where the plugin is not fully functional.

    As for the fact that you disabled some of the security tweaks in order to make it work, well it still has a large number of other security enhancements. Anyway, from your explanation it seemed like the other Joomla installation (not hosted with siteground) is using an alternative login method. Maybe a custom module that is using $_POST and $_GET.

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    Default Filtering

    Before accepting any data into your application, whether it be POST data from a form submission, COOKIE data, URI data, XML-RPC data, or even data from the SERVER array, you are encouraged to practice this three step approach:

    1. Filter the data as if it were tainted.
    2. Validate the data to ensure it conforms to the correct type, length, size, etc. (sometimes this step can replace step one)
    3. Escape the data before submitting it into your database.

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    thanks for making this extension available.
    I use this and its greate!

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    I had the same problem. The data is filtered like egyhosts told, but i had the same error like LeClerc. What should i do?

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