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    Default Beez_20 Template Logo removal

    Hi everyone, I'm completely new to Joomla and the first thing I want to do is customize the large header strip on the opening page. Here is what I did: 1. went into Template Manager and verified beez_20 is the current default template. (I'm using xampp)
    2. went into xampp, htdocs, myjoomla_site, templates, beez_20, images and found that the current image being used is:
    'personal2.png. So I put together a custom banner, renamed the current one 'personal2X.png and named my custom job

    Worked great except I am still seeing the Joomla logo ontop of my custom banner and I can not see any corresponding image of the logo in any of the image files.

    I want to get rid of the logo. I would appreciate any suggestions.


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    Hello captsig,

    In order to clear the default Joomla logo and the slogan below it, please log into your Joomla's back-end, navigate to "Extensions -> Template Manager", tick the checkbox in front of "Beez2 - Default" and click the Edit button in the upper right section of the page. On the right side of the page you should see a section named "Advanced Options". Click the clear button in order to remove the path to the default logo image and also clear the Site Description field, which is the slogan "Open Source Content Management".
    Best Regards,
    Nikolay A.
    SiteGround Senior Support Team

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    Thanks Nikolay,
    Ijust figured it out on my own but thanks all the same; I'm sure I'll will be talking with you again soon,


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