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    Default Dokeos language


    I installed Dokeos using a XAMPP server in may Windows 7 to try it. Windows and XAMPP I used are in spanish and Dokeos portal language appears in spanish too.

    I decided to put on my Siteground server and I asked Support Team to install it for me because there is an error in Dokeos 2.1 and not work well the script installation. They did it very well, like always do.

    The problem is when I access to portal the language that appears is english and I need it to use it in spanish.

    Can anyone tell me if I must change something and in which file I must do it?.

    Thanks in advance.

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    As the DokeOS staff member has replied to you in the thread http://www.dokeos.com/es/node/11322 the first option is to select the desired language during installation. The second option is to select a specific language for each individual username or a course.
    Best Regards,
    Nikolay A.
    SiteGround Senior Support Team

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