I have been working with this new installation of Moodle 2 and Siteground. None of the Moodle forum posts are being received. Siteground said that Cron is working, and that they are being sent.

Emails aren't being received.

What should I check on the Moodle end to fix this issue?

at the time Siteground said they were sent successful via Cron lob, I only had this setting in Moodle at that time....

SMTP: mail.icwtswggd.net

no other authentication was set, but even if I set it to my site admin username and password I don't receive the messages.

When I initiate a "message" in Bulk User Action, for a brief moment SMTP messages popup but not long enough to capture them or to read what it said.

I do administer other Moodle sites, but they are hosted by Moodlerooms and they handle this.