I am managing a joomla site for someone who is using a masked redirect from their domain name to a joomla instance under my siteground account. So, this client's domain name stays in the browser's URL/address box while the end users are accessing the joomla-based site, as desired and expected. However, when the user does a mouseover on a link or actually clicks a link, the full path to my domain and joomla instance show up in the browser status bar. Is there any way to hide this underlying redirection from the end users so it looks as though all of the links are under my client's domain instead of mine? I want to be able to manage multiple joomla instances under my single siteground account and have individual domain names (where siteground may or may not be the registrar...maybe the domain is at godaddy) point to the joomla sites via a masked redirect. So, each domain having its own siteground account and joomla instance is not really an option, due to added expense and the fact that these client domains names are not owned by me or hosted at siteground. Please advise. Thanks.