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    Default Upgrading hosting to....

    I run a wiki here (http://defiance-wiki.com) and recently as there was a beta test for the game and people were visiting the wiki a lot, the CPU executions etc went up pretty fast and with the hype of the game and the show and their incoming release dates I realized that I would need to upgrade the site to better hosting plans.

    But which one? I don't want to upgrade and then have to upgrade again when I discover that I was all wrong. Right now the site is using about 600MB or storage and a monthly transfer of about 9000MB but I expect there to be many fluctuations between now and April and then a massive increase in April.

    The Basic SD hosting seems ok, but I'm not sure. Does Siteground allow for an upgrade for only a month and then to choose to upgrade for the rest of the year or go to another plan?

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    I believe that the SD hosting pack will handle your wiki just fine even if your visitors increase because of the upcoming release of the game In addition, you can take a look at the following links that will help you optimise your MediaWiki Application:


    If you follow these easy instructions, you can simply upgrade to SD without any worries Regarding your other question, if you choose to change your plan before its bill date, you're welcome to renew on the new plan but once again, I think that won't be necessary

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