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    Post Google Extended search result


    I own a website http://www.soccersouls.com/ , which is getting an average 10 k visits daily but recently i have lost all the extended search results in google.. when the entire name of the site is searched , it only gets a single link and not even my twitter id comes scond ..

    I recently changed the theme of the site and it is basically a wordpress site but i thinking of changing it to joomla, can it be of any help ??

    Please advice
    Thank you

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    If google has delisted your site you may to check your google webmaster tools and see if there are any alerts. I'm not sure what changing your theme would have to do with the listings unless you made other drastic changes. If you have an SEO working on your rankings they should be able to tell you more. If you are creating your own backlinks you may have gotten into a bad area with some of them...

    Good luck

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    I'm assuming that your traffic has also dropped? Then you have probably been hit by Panda, Penguin or EMD. Either your site is over-optimized for your keywords or you have links from bad neighborhoods.

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