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    Unhappy Late cancellation & refund policy


    today I made a late cancellation by 1 week of 2 shared hosting plans and I noticed with great disappointment that the company bills 35$ for each cancellation!

    But according to p. 6.4 of terms of service:
    "6.4. You may request Termination of any service at any time. Depending on the life stage of your service different cancellation fees may apply. In order to avoid renewal charges and late cancellation fees, termination must be requested before a Renewal invoice is due. Termination requests that fail to comply with this condition may be subject to an Early Termination Fee. Termination of an Active hosting account will result in the Termination of any additional Services associated with that account."

    there is no any indication of the exact amount of such a late cancellation fee!

    So, on what legal basis should we accept to be billed with such a fee?


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    We are really sorry that you have decided to cancel your accounts with us. Please note that we always send out several early reminders regarding the upcoming renewal so the customer is able to cancel the account before the renewal without any fees.

    When an account is renewed by us for the next service period we usually pre-pay different charges related with your account to third party providers. Domain registration fees are one such example, but even if you do not have a domain name registerred through us, there are multiple other services that are included in your hosting account too. Our standard fee for shared account cancelled shortly after the renewal for the next period is $35. This fee covers our costs for services that we have pre-paid to the third party providers. If the customer decides to cancel the account after we've made the payment, we have to withhold this fee, in order to cover the prepayed amount.

    If you want you can send me a PM with more information about the accounts you want to cancel, so I can check their particular situation.

    As for your referral to out TOS, I would like to thank you for the note that the amount of the fee one might expect is not obvious. The reason is that there are multiple different hosting services that may be cancelled on many different stages and the fees are really different. They are calculated and displayed during the cancellation process. However, based on your recommendation we will think of a way to include a more transparent cancellation fee information into our TOS.
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