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    Default Can I force a module to stay at the bottom of the left column?

    Hi all,

    My apologies if this has been previously discussed, but searching the forum didn't bring up anything relevant.

    I have a template that I am mostly happy with, and have managed to tweak to my overall satisfaction. But there is one thing that is eluding me. I would like to take a module that contains the site owner's contact information, and make it stay at the bottom of the left-hand column. I do not want it to have a "fixed" position, per se... I don't want it to be anchored on the page (that would be easy to do). Instead, what I want it to do is be in its regular module position, but instead of just coming in under the previous module, I just want it to go to its lowest possible position within that column, so that it is displaying next to the bottom of the main body, but not go into the footer area.

    I have tried a paid extension (Fixed & Sticky), and it didn't even come close. I have not tried Modules Anywhere, because I don't want to pay for something else that won't do what I want it to.

    Is this even something that is possible? I have been trying for a week and am getting frustrated at every turn. Many thanks!!

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    Hi khipson,

    I am afraid that by default Joomla! doesn't allow you to automatically change the height of the columns based on the length of the pages (articles). You can try to create a Custom HTML module with CSS and JS code in order to dinamically move the "Contact Information" box. However, this is not an easy task and you have to be careful and to find a way to properly calculate the width and height of the module. You can use the following module in order to add CSS/JS code to your module:


    You can also try the following plugin and see if it suits your needs:

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    Thanks for trying, at least!

    What I ended up with is just inserting a blank custom html module on each page and filling it with hard returns. Crude, but effective enough.

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