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    Default Basic shared hosting package

    Hi guys,
    I wanted to know if the basic shared hosting package be sufficient to support a wordpress website such as http://dentist-pt.com ? It is a light wight Wordpress website and has daily traffic of approx 500 unique visitors a day.


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    Hello Obsi,

    It actually depends on the total number of executions of your scripts and the level of the optimization of your web site. For example, if you have a well optimized web site and database, it will generate less server load than a large web site with poor database optimizations.

    If you have around 500 unique visits per day you will also have much more hits from returning users.

    What I can recommend you is to pick our GrowBig plan.

    There besides more allocated resources you will be able to use our SupeCacher solution. It will allow you to handle much more requests on your web site than a standard shared hosting plan. And the loading speed will be significantly faster.

    You can check our shared hosting plans at:


    More details about SuperCacher are available in our blog:


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