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    Default Which hosting plan should i choose?

    Hi, I'm new to web hosting and I plan to host my blog on Siteground. Currently my blog is hosted by blogger and I plan to switch to wordpress. My daily traffic is around 15.000 visitors and 50000 hits. I expect the traffic to increase to 25000 visitors.
    Which hosting plan should I choose? I'm interested with the GoGeek plan, but I guess it will not enough for my traffic because it says "suitable for ~100.000 visits monthly" ?

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    I think you should chose the best hosting, and contact the Siteground

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    That is very good traffic. best to go with a premium service.

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    It depends on your particular website actually. If it's Joomla, WordPress or Magento and you configure it to work with our SuperCacher system the GoGeek plan could be enough. However, for such traffic I'd recommend you to try one of our Cloud VPS solutions: http://www.siteground.com/cloud-hosting.htm

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    The best hosting plan is the one you can bear. And you should start from a lowest price plan according to your need and then grow yourself.

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