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    Hi, this is now the only problem i met on SiteGround Server. The limitation on SMTP services. 400/hour is not enough when you have newsletter to send to list of 12 000 users. So I have tried to use a SMTP Provider (SendGrid in fact). That works well but there's still a limitation. My automate doesn't work anymore. I'm working under Joomla 2.5 with last version of Acymailing. This combination works very well on other hosting provider( I have tried Celeonet, Digital Pacific, OVH, and other less known) but on SiteGround the automation is lost, I have to send them manually with external SMTP provider (I have spent a lot of time with SiteGround and Acymailing Support to try to resolve this problem, but we didn't find any solution).

    So my suggestion is : Why SIteGround doesn't provide an SMTP server, a paid service, so compatibility with hosting servers should be increased ?

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    SiteGround does provide SMTP and it is a standard service with each hosting account. There is indeed a limitation with an we do not allow more than 400 sent emails per hour on standard shared hosting plans.

    As for the automation you mentioned, I am not sure about the actual expected functionality but from your explanation this seems to be an issue with the configuration/setup for your application. I would suggest getting back to the SiteGround support team for assistance regarding this matter.

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