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    I think that I speak for a few others here as well as myself. For those of us who are not computer savoy the directions on how to download the templates are not all that clear. I have tried for months to get a couple of those templates downloaded and all I get is a jumbled mess.

    I think it would be really cool if somebody would take the time to break down all of their instructions to where they are 'stupid-simple' for us. (Instructions for Dummies)!

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    Default re: free phpBB templates


    Thanks for providing the Free PhpBB templates for the website development.

    Morris Robin

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    "The templates are free for download . You may check them via the link provided in the first post of this topic."

    Wow cool, now i choose more templates for my sites. Thanks for posting.

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    Default phpBB Ver.3

    phpBB version 3 uses a powerful templating system that keeps the PHP code separate from the HTML code and gives you complete freedom to customise your forum the way you want it.

    More PhpBB Templates:Check out here.


    blog writing service

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    nice work.. but theres only 2 of them.. i cant find the others...

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    You'd think with the time they put into support mybb and adding a free themes download section, that it would have more than 2 templates for download

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    Thanks for your help. Now it works.

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    how can i get it?

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    Awesome thanks!

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    Default cambiar plantillas

    sorry but do not write in English ,

    quiero cambiar las plantillas de mi sitio web http://www.clinicadentalbernabeu.es/...s-de-composite

    I want to spend a joomla templates wordpress, is it possible?

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