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    Default Siteground-j15-32 Party problem with IE


    i used for a site your template siteground-j15-32. The link from where you hostet it is http://joomla15.siteground.com/?temp...eground-j15-32
    with a resoulution from 1280x1024 (and others) the header.jpg is one pixel right from the center position, with mozilla firefox you cant see ist, there is all ok. i have tested all to delet the problem but i havent more idears. Can you please fix this and tell me how i can fix it in my edit template? That would be very nice.


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    Hi Megiddo,

    Will it possible to PM me your site URL and admin login details, so I can examine it as well as the template?

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    Default Same issue with template border - one pixed jog

    My developer also used the siteground-j15-32 template and I noticed what appears to be the same issue:
    1. At various browser window widths (problem exhibits when the window edge is dragged right or left) a small step appears in the border at the point where the top graphic area meets the top menu bar. It is only about one pixel wide when it appears.
    2. The problem does not appear when using Firefox, only when using IE7.

    My developer "solved" the problem by removing the border around the top graphic area, but that is not a preferred solution.

    Were you able to help with Megiddo's issue?

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    It would be best if you could post a ticket from your customer area regarding this issue and provide us with more information how to recreate it and possibly screen shots.

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