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Thread: CRM software

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    vTiger is a CRM script itself. It is not a sugar crm addon or something that works in conjunction with sugar. It is jut a separate application that has similar functionality.
    Latest vTiger and SugarCRM versions are not know to have any security holes.

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    Default Sugar CRM and vTiger CRM

    Quote Originally Posted by Kate View Post
    Sugar CRM and vTiger CRM are the tools which SiteGround customers usually choose when it comes to customer management tools.

    SugarCRM has an open source version and professional versions. You can have Sugar Open source installed on your account for free and try it out.

    If you choose to use vTiger, SiteGround tech team will help you with its installation.
    Sorry, I'm a newbie! I don't quite get it! Can you explain that what is CRM and what are these two tools' function more specifically?


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    What about saleforce?

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    Hello guys

    Tell me first how to choose right CRM Software for my business.What is the best CRM sofware in the market.which one use very good paid CRM software or open source CRm software.

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    Please refer to the following thread where the you can find a comparison between the most popular CRM scripts: SugarCRM and vTiger:


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    Default Enterprise CRM Tools

    There are many CRM tools in today IT market. SugarCRM and vTiger are free ones, but there are plenty of other high-end CRMs which you can get essence of here: http://www.ciol.com/Developer/Enterp...5/Section.aspx

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    Quote Originally Posted by bettyduncan View Post
    Sorry, I'm a newbie! I don't quite get it! Can you explain that what is CRM and what are these two tools' function more specifically?

    CRM = Customer Relation Managment

    These two scripts listed are software to help you communicate with and manage your memberbase easier.

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    My favorite is Solve360, from Norada. It's especially great if you're running on Google Apps.

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    Since version 5 SugarCRM changed the licence and the smart guys could not just copy and use the code as they
    were allowed before so guys from Vtiger and IAH could not benefit from the improvements that SugarCRM brought .. and they
    focused on bringing their own improvements (important ones I agree) but most of them were from perspective of
    new modules/functionalities but none about making the development easier as SugarCRM did .

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    Moving to Vtiger 5.03 is a good decision.

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