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    Default Favicon not changing?

    I changed the favicon.ico file for my site. In Opera, IE and everywhere else it displays the new favicon. The only place it doesn't display the new one is in Firefox? Is there another file to change?

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    Yes, firefox doesn't look for an icon file it uses a png instead so you just need to open your icon file and save it as favicon.png and upload it to the same place.

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    Thumbs down Favicon for firefox still not working

    My website is on Joomla www.yuvafoundations.org ,i still have the same problem even after i changed the favicon.ico to favicon.png .Is there anyother solution ??

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    I am having a similar problem, but not with Firefox. My Favicon shows up with Firefox, but not in Safari. I have copied the new Favicon.ico and Favicon.png to every {image} folder I can find....

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