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    Default Cannot log in backend with right user name & password

    I felt very lucky when I found Siteground article: How to reset my Joomla administrator password, as my problem cannot log in backend of my website with right user name & password. It, however, cannot still solve it though it was followed carefully. The error comment, as follows:

    * JAuthentication::__construct: Could not load authentication libraries.
    * Username and password do not match

    Anybody can help me, please


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    Please note that the problem can not resolved in the forum, since we need some login details in order to check the issue and to find a solution.

    Please post a ticket in your Help Desk and we will start working on the problem.

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    Default A bad keystroke kills

    I could not login from either front end or back end with any level user name.

    In my case, under Global Configuration/System/System/Session Settings/Session Handler, I had inadvertently toggled over from "database" to "memcache" while making some other intended changes that I then saved. Upon saving, I was immediately tossed out from the backend and could not log back in.

    Solution was to use myPHPadmin to change configuration.php line item back to correct setting:

    $session_handler = 'database';

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